These are definitely depressing and trying times we live in, what with the coronavirus pandemic going on and everyone having to stay at their own homes to keep safe. These past few months, weeks and days have seen more calamities happen at once than at any other time. It has proven to be difficult for many people, and what lighthearted moments we get to see help us push forward another day.Also Read - Ongoing Crisis in Mind, Locust Faces Third Degree Interrogation in This Hilarious Clip

There have been many stories about animals doing various things, some funny and some downright outrageous, but they have managed to lighten our moods in some way. Indian Forest Service officers Shailendra Singh and Susanta Nanda have been providing us with fodder for the stories we have been doing, and here are some that have been curated from their Twitter feeds. Also Read - Watch Elderly Woman Drag King Cobra by Its Tail And Fearlessly Throw it Into The Jungle

From a bird playing with a ball to a mother bear and her cubs, a curious penguin and what appears to be a dancing beaver to a monkey bartering for food, hopefully these animals will lighten everyone’s mood. Also Read - Warning! Do Not Try This at Home: Netizens Left Shocked as Man Casually Gives King Cobra a Bath

Last but not the least, a locust undergoing a third degree interrogation so as to find out why there is a swarm of them in India.