The human body is a wondrous thing, but a recent news has left us stunned beyond measure! In a bizarre event, a breastfeeding mother has revealed she can shoot milk out of her armpit in a jaw-dropping video. Yes, we are still trying to wrap the fact around our heads! In a video posted on TikTok, mother-of-three from Minnesota who goes by @ollieoooop on the video-sharing platform, first explained why it happens to her, and the reasons behind it.Also Read - Saand Ki Aankh Producer Nidhi Parmar Donates 42 Litres of Breast Milk During COVID-19 Lockdown To Help Newborns

Explaining the bizarre occurrence, she said mothers can experience ‘pitties’, lumps or swelling that can develop in the armpits when breast tissue is filled with breast milk.

“Basically, you have breast tissue in your armpits and when you get engorged, sometimes that tissue swells. However, I am the only instance that I know of or that I can find of this specific thing that happens to my body. I can shoot milk out of my armpit. And if it wasn’t disgusting enough just to hear it, I’m going to prove it,” she said before demonstrating her claim.

She then squeezes her armpit while facing the camera and shockingly enough, milk comes shooting out of it. She also shared a slow-motion footage showing the liquid squirting.

Watch the video here:

The video which was posted in early January, was in response to another clip where a TikTok user asked viewers to share a strange thing their body does that other people’s might not do.

“If you or someone you know can do this, please duet this because I can’t be the only one. Please tell me I’m not the only one who could do this,” said the mother further.

Surprisingly enough, many other women also shared that they experienced the same, while others were baffled by the strange phenomenon.

‘I COULD DO THIS. I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE,’ wrote one mum who over-produced milk.