New Delhi: Well, in a Covid-19 world, a lot of things are changing around us and so is the definition of safe sex! A new study from Harvard University claims that having sex carries the risk for transmitting Covid-19 and recommends couples wear a face mask while getting intimate.Also Read - Having Sex With Someone From Another Household is Now Illegal in England Under New COVID-19 Laws

”Sexual contact carries some risk for exposure to infection with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic,” the study published in Annals of Internal Medicine reads.

Thereby, the study suggests that couples who are not quarantining together but remain sexually active should consider not kissing on the mouth and should wear protective face masks during sex to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The researchers recommend not kissing or engaging in any oral-to-anal act “or anything that involves semen or urine.”

Researchers have also stressed the importance of showering and using alcohol wipes or soap to clean up after the deed is done.

The study further mentions that having sex with people who are together in quarantine is safer, but there is still a risk as one could come into contact with COVID victims while going for grocery-shopping and infect their partner with the virus.

So basically, the safest kind of sex in the times of Covid-19 is no sex and abstinence. However, another option is masturbation and sexual activity using digital platforms that carry the lowest risk for infection with COVID-19, the study suggests.

The study comes at a time when the UK deemed illegal to have sex with a person who doesn’t live under the same roof.