We’ve all faced this moment in our lives. That moment when our parents suddenly wake up from their real-life and decide to go to the virtual life. We’ve recieved those dreaded friend requests from dad and then had to explain Facebook conversations in detail as jokes were not jokes, we’ve had parents suddenly jumping to “whatsapp phone” (as Indian parents love calling them) from their good ol’ keyboard devices and getting lost on the way. There have been hilarious virtual accidents, crazy moments and literally moments where we’ve wept asking them to just stop! But then, looking back, those moments had their charm and were funny. Also Read - Caught on Camera: Delivery Driver Cancels Food Order & Eats it Outside Customer's House | Watch

And that is exactly the problem our beloved Lilly Singh or Superwoman faces! During her tour to Trinidad and Tobago, she unfortunately forgot her laptop, with all her videos and files back home and had nothing to share! So, after thinking things completely through and realising there are no alternatives, she approaches her parents for help. All she needs them to do, is first, save her video and then email it to her – but somehow, that simple process turns into a hilarious laugh riot! Also Read - Man Collapses at Delhi Metro Station, CISF Jawan Saves His Life by Giving CPR | Watch Viral Video

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It’s actually cute, the way the older generation often fumbles with technology and doesn’t understand things that are seemingly easy and kind of daily routine for the youth. But then, we need to remember that they come from a completely different generation. Landline bills were what they dreaded, not Whatsapp being down for a few minutes. But clearly, with time, things change. Lilly;s dad trying to bridge the gap between what the new generation means and what the old generation understands makes us realise how far we have come. Technology is running and we better keep up!