We call it ‘The Dark Ages’ when there was no existence of Google. But now, it has become the most integral part of our life and we take the search engine absolutely for granted. Also Read - Google Celebrates India's 72nd Republic Day With Beautiful Doodle Showcasing Nation's Diversity

This video will make everybody wonder: what if Google was a girl? Google being a girl would have straddle in a two very different ends of her persona depending on what time of day it was, how much coffee she had, and what kind of mood she is in. (Which is actually no different than how we respond to texts.) Also Read - Google Threatens to Shut Search Engine in Australia, PM Morrison Hits Back

Let’s say in early morning if someone search for an answer in Girly Google like, “I am having high fever, am I going to die?” Google’s response would be: “Yes!” (As we know, girl’s mood swings from time to time.) Also Read - Trump Pardons Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski, Sentenced For Stealing Trade Secrets

Rclbeauty101 considered this very notion in a short called, “If Google Was a Girl.” In this video people ask weird questions to a beautiful lady with stacks of files sitting on either side of her desk and this video also showed that how we ignore Yahoo search.

This video is trending on all the social sites, so watch this video and start thinking about GOOGLE! How do you think the responses would vary if Google was really a girl? Or what if Google was YOU?