Tinder, the popular dating but more famous for being a hookup app has been gaining popularity in the country. The app has become popular among Indians and many use it for casual flirting and at times even for making friends. There are some who have gone ahead and found their love through Tinder! Tinder also positioned themselves as the new era shaadi.com in the country when they recently came up with an advert trying to win the approval of parents too! But then, the truth remains that Indians are completely and absolutely of owning up to using Tinder, especially in front of their traditional parents. After all, who wants to answer all those awkward questions later? Also Read - Australian Man's Pet Bulldog Mauls His Tinder Date, Woman Wants Canine 'Destroyed'

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But then as Tinder dating is one of the modern truths, arranged marriages are the age old tradition of the country. Parents still resort to arranged marriage for their kids. There are many who do not let their children have love marriages as it is against the tradition. However much we might say that times have changed, unfortunately, in an arranged marriage, girls still want a typical sweet and well earning husband and guys want the traditional Indian wife who can look after the family and cook and clean. It’s sad really but then, in the guise of modernity and “gifts” the dowry practice is still practised too! We can turn our face and refuse to believe it but the reality doesn’t change. Also Read - Strangers Who Matched On Tinder Kept Their Hilarious Conversation For 3 Years, Tinder Sending Them To Maui In Hawaii For First Date!

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And then, what happens when the two ends meet? The children, tired of their parents control often rebel and go all the way using such hook up apps. But then, while you might be great at hooking up and getting that right swipe on Tinder, have you ever wondered what will happen if what will happen if you ever meet your tinder date on an arranged marriage meeting? And what if the date turns out to be your parent’s good friends’ son or daughter? How will you handle it? Will you even be able to? And how scary and yet hilarious will it be? This video tells you exactly that. Trust us, it is a riot! Laugh away!