Thrissur: Ever since the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala created a furor on social media, similar incidents of animal cruelty and animal abuse have come to light, questioning humanity. After the news of a leopard being lynched emerged from Assam, shocking case of brutality meted out to a dog, has come to the fore in Kerala. Also Read - Yet Another Case of Animal Abuse! Leopard Beaten to Death, Its Teeth Removed & Carcass Paraded by Locals in Assam

The dog, which was about three years old, was seen with duct tape tied around its mouth and had been surviving without water and food for almost two weeks.

Thankfully, the dog was found by the members of People for Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) at Ollur junction in Thrissur, who rescued it and took it to a hospital.

PAWS had launched a search for the dog after many people had called them to inform about the canine that had been wandering around the Ollur locality. However, it wasn’t easy to locate the dog as PAWS members claimed that it had been hiding due to fear.

Talking about the dog’s condition, Ramachandran, secretary of PAWS told The News Minute,” We thought that a single wrap of the tape was made around the dog’s mouth. But when we found the dog, there were several layers of tape, wound so tight that it had almost pierced deep into the skin and the bones around the nose had become visible. As soon as we removed the tape, the dog drank two litres of water.”

Ramachandran also claimed that the dog was “obviously” a pet as it had a collar and reasoned that the tape may have been wound around its mouth for barking continuously.

He also added that the dog managed to live as dogs can survive without food for a few days.

A police complaint has been filed in the matter. Meanwhile, the dog has been given antibiotics and is stable now.