The Hindi film ‘Pink’ was one of the most realistic portrayals of the modern day woman. It conveyed the message that irrespective of whether a man and woman are friends, dating or just casually hanging out, women have a right to draw the boundaries. Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogue, “No, means no,” in the film aptly summarizes what the film is trying to say. And while the film was a huge hit and brought out the importance of ‘consent’, women continue to be confronted with an age-old question: If you didn’t stop him when he was flirting, then why are you complaining now? Now, to put an end to the ‘confusion’ between ‘flirting’ and ‘sexual harassment’, actor and comedienne Kate Willett has put out a Facebook post which offers a clear distinction between the two. 

‘Feminism’ Declared 2017’s Word of The Year by Merriam Webster Dictionary; Here’s Why

‘Feminism’ Declared 2017’s Word of The Year by Merriam Webster Dictionary; Here’s Why

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In her post, Kate breaks down the meaning of ‘flirting’ and ‘sexual harassment’. She writes that she loves being flirted with, but not being sexually harassed. “These two things are not the same,” she wrote. She adds that good flirting is fundamentally empathetic and subtle. Through her post, Kate tries to convey the point that women too have sexual desires and urges. But it is important to seek consent. Flirting, she says, is a two-way, playful and fun exchange that makes everyone look good. However, sexual harassment is devoid of empathy and it’s about forcing your will upon another person without having any regard for their desire. Comparing these two terms is like comparing a paintbrush to a wrecking ball, she opines. Also Read - KBC 13 Gets Its Second Crorepati, Amitabh Bachchan Exclaims 'Ek Crore' in His Trademark Style

Read her post here:

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The post has since gone viral and has received several likes and comments from users who agree with her views. Users thanked her for saying this and said it was very well-stated. Some also wished that they had had this realisation when they hit puberty, while some praised Kate for the metaphors she has used in explaining the difference between flirtation and sexual harassment. Do you agree with Kate’s views? Let us know in the comments section below.