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Whatsapp is known for its simple user interface. Innumerable messaging apps arrived and vanished; none was able to compete with Whatsapp. The easy-to-use Whatsapp acquired its market, winning over each target group. When it was first launched in 2009, it became a rage amongst the youth but is now used by people across ages. This instant messaging app literally delisted text messaging from phones and became a mandatory application in smartphones. It also makes sure to upgrade its software with new features. Also Read - In a First, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple CEOs to Testify Before US Congress Today

In February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp and as a result updates started flowing. Mark Zuckerberg and team have been busy as beavers to update the Facebook software very frequently. Same is the result with Whatsapp. Since the merger with Facebook,  Whatsapp has been updated multiple times. First for updating the ‘last seen’ feature to be able to hide it from others, second for making changes in the ‘design’, third for adding the ‘voice record’ and now for adding a ‘camera shortcut’ near the ‘send’ button. Also Read - Most-Liked Facebook Posts Also Most Viewed? 'Seen by Small % of Users', Says Top Official

What do we think of Whatsapp’s camera feature?

As if the sound recording shortcut wasn’t enough, Zuckerberg and his team have added another option to choke more space while sending messages. This update is proving to be the crappiest of all. Nothing is more irritating than the launching of camera or voice recorder while sending urgent messages on a touchphone.

Hope these mistakes are revised by Whatsapp and in future they should do some sensible updates, simplifying the user experience.