You think you now your favorite messaging app, WhatsApp inside out? Then you are completely mistaken. WhatsApp has just released some features for Android users and very few knows about it. The popular app company has not yet brought it to Google Play Store, anyways you can download it from the company’s website.Also Read - WhatsApp Tips And Tricks: Guide On How To Use WhatsApp Web Without Using Your Smartphone | Checkout Video

Here are five features of the app that will bring major changes to way you used WhatsApp. Also Read - Big WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp Brings Custom Sticker Feature For Desktop Users, Here's How To Use It On Web Version | Watch Tutorial Video

Mark messages as Unread Also Read - Facebook Messenger, Instagram Postpone Encryption Of Messages To 2023. Details Here.

Even after reading messages, you will be able to mark them as unread. There is a twist to this feature, when you mark a message as unread your message will appear as read to senders even after reading it. So, the real use of this feature is that you can use for highlighting messages that can be read later. (READ: WhatsApp rolls out new version 2.12.84 for Android users)

Lot of colors in notifications

Just like you set separate ringtones for friends and family, you can do the same for your people on WhatsApp. You can also customize each of your contact on the app by giving different colors, pop-up notifications and ringtones. There is also a facility to enable or disable vibrations for each contact.

Mute contacts


There may be many groups on your list which are forever on mute mode but with this feature you will be able to mute individual contacts. For this, you just have to check the Mute bar in the About Menu. Then you have to slide the Mute bar to the right and then feed in the duration for which you want a contact to be muted.

Low data WhatsApp calling


Used to WhatsApp calling that consumes a lot of data? WhatsApp seems to have solved your problem. Got to Settings and click on Chats and Calls. The new feature has an option called Low Data Usage. Checking the option will help you in saving data even when you make WhatsApp call.

Google Drive in WhatsApp


This is one of the most rumoured feature for WhatsApp. Although this feature is not available yet, techies are expecting it soon. WhatsApp chats may soon be backed to Google Accounts. You can get this feature by going to Settings and then click on Account. You will see two new options in data consumption: Google Drive backup bytes sent and Google Drive backup bytes received. This feature will now help in integrating your chats, images, videos, voice messages from your Google Drive to WhatsApp.