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Popular messaging app, Whatsapp is all set to launch the existing app with new features that would push more people to download the application. However, there were lot of buzz that Whatsapp may launch free calling service this year. As per the latest report, Whatsapp will introduce free voice calls by 2015. Also Read - WhatsApp Is Getting THIS New Feature For Android, iOS Users Soon. Deets Inside.

According to various reports, the application does not have full access to microphones of selective handsets. Due to this limitation, the noise cancellation would be more difficult. WhatsApp is working to sort out this problem. Also Read - Swiss Army Bans Use of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram Over Security Concerns. Details Here

WhatsApp with new feature will have a 4-button series; call mute, switch to text message, directing the call through device speaker and hanging up. The new feature will be available on new 4.5.5 version of WhatsApp. On dialling the number from your WhatsApp contact list, a colored ‘call in progress’ bar will appear on WhatsApp.

The voice call facility of WhatsApp would be available to areas which have very low network or EDGE coverage. With new free calling service, Whatsapp will give tough competitions to its competitor like Hike, WeChat, Line and other messaging apps.

As of now there are many messaging apps like Line, Hike, WeChat etc but WhatsApp is widely used among the youth. WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app with 600 million users, followed by China’s WeChat (438 million users) and Japan’s LINE (400 million users).