Islamabad: A Pakistan cleric’s bizarre Covid-19 logic has sparked a laugh riot on social media after he suggested people to ‘sleep more’ claiming that the virus would not harm the body because it goes to sleep when we fall asleep. Also Read - 'No Honour in Honour Killing': Telangana Couple Kill 20-Year-Old Pregnant Daughter in Sleep For Refusing Abortion

In an undated video circulating on social media, Fazal-ur-Rahman, who was a member of the Pakistan National Assembly for over two decades, is seen telling people to sleep more if they want to avoid getting coronavirus.

“Our doctors always recommend us to sleep more. The more we sleep, the more the virus sleeps. It won’t harm us. When we sleep it sleeps, when we die, it dies,” the cleric is heard saying in the video clip.

Pakistani Journalist Naila Inayat shared the video with the caption: “When we sleep, virus sleeps. When we die, the virus dies. Simple”. Watch it here:

The video has evoked hilarious responses from people, who can’t stop laughing at the abysmal coronavirus logic.

One user wrote, “This is what happens when people eradicate knowledge and education in society. Pakistan has become s classic textbook case of how to ruin a country.

Ever heard of such weird logic?