New Delhi: After a brief period of mysterious disappearance, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was seen on Saturday as the state media made public his photos when he went to a fertilizer factory, lying northeast to Pyongyang. It was rumoured that he was critical, for which a medical team from China even went to North Korea. Satellite images showed that he was probably lodged at a luxury coastal resort. Whether he was recovering from a surgery or an illness was not known. There is no possibility that these things can be known. But there are experts poring over the latest photographs of the North Korean leader. And, here are what they think Kim underwent. Also Read - Kim Jong Un Makes Another Public Appearance, Vows to Bolster Nuclear War Deterrence

1. A Golf Buggy? Leg Injury

A photo showed that Kim had a golf buggy in the background. He used a similar cart after his 2014 disappearance when he got medical treatment for his leg. So, he was receiving some treatment for sure.

2. Is there something on his wrist?

North Korea News has compared his latest photograph with that of his last one and has found out that there is a mark on his wrist which could be related to some cardiovascular procedure.

3. Does he look fit?

Several observers noted that Kim looked a little plump and was uneasy walking. According to North Korea news, he also took an electric cart to roam around the factory.

So whether it was cardiovascular or a leg injury, the latest photos have revealed that he was unwell and it was nothing related to COVID-19 as none of the officials was seen wearing the masks.