New Delhi: A few days after it was claimed that Saudi Arabian Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman allegedly hacked into Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos‘ phone, now the name of his girlfriend has cropped up in the hacking controversy. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lauren Sanchez, Jeff’s girlfriend, had leaked Jeff’s message to her brother. Also Read - Jeff Bezos and Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez Pose In Front of the Iconic Taj Mahal, See Pictures

Why do we care whether Amazon CEO’s phone was hacked or not? Also Read - Did Saudi Crown Prince Really Hack Jeff Bezos's Phone?

On January 9, Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie announced on Twitter that they would divorce. Jeff’s extra-marital affair with Lauren Sanchez led to the divorce but only after the National Enquirer outed the secret affair in 2018. It was under the wraps till then. National Enquirer has been threatening Jeff that they have intimate photos of Jeff and his girlfriend. So, how did the secret affair of Amazon CEO reach the newspaper along with photographs and text messages? Jeff’s phone was hacked. it was suspected. Also Read - Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Announces 10 Lakh Jobs in India Amid Tensions With Centre

Why Crown Prince?

According to the Washington Post’s claim, Mohammed Bin Salman sent a message to Jeff Bezos after which his phone got hacked. Saudi Arabia officially refuted the claim. However, there has been no stopping of rumours over what MBS texted Jeff. According to The Mail, MBS sent a sexist joke to Jeff which is: “Arguing with a woman is like reading the software license agreement. In the end, you have to ignore everything and click I agree.” The message was accompanied by a photo of a woman who looked like Lauren. It’s intriguing because at that time Lauren was a secret affair but if MBS’s message is true, then he was aware of it.

Is it not MBS?

Now the focus is on Sanchez herself as she reportedly sent photos to her brother who apparently sold them to the National Enquirer.