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Who is Mr Butter Chicken? Australian Restaurant Offers Free Meals to Mysterious Melbourne Man Who Violated Lockdown to Eat Favourite Dish

Remember the Melbourne man who was fined $1652 for driving 32 kms despite COVID-19 lockdown all for the love of butter chicken? Well, his favourite Australian restaurant is looking out for him and has even offered him free meals! Read on.

Updated: July 22, 2020 7:15 PM IST

By Trending Desk | Edited by Zarafshan Shiraz

Australian restaurant Tonka Melborne offers free meals to Mr Butter Chicken (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)
Australian restaurant Tonka Melborne offers free meals to Mr Butter Chicken (Photo Courtesy: Instagram)

They say if you really love something passionately, the whole universe aligns to make you reach it and something this filmy happened with a Melbourne man who violated lockdown restrictions, driven by his love for butter chicken. His quest for eating it at his favourite restaurant was short lived, since the police stopped him after he drove down 32 kms and even fined him with $1652.

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However, the restaurant, Tonka Melbourne has been left smitten and honoured with this love and they are now hunting for the man.Offering to “deliver him a few curries to soften the blow”, the restaurant is looking out for the mystery man who breached stage three novel coronavirus restrictions and drove all the way from Werribee, about 30km southwest from Melbourne’s CBD, into the city.

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The Australian news agencies had reported the incident earlier without revealing the name of the man which made Tonka share in an Instagram post, “Guys, help! We need to find Mr Butter Chicken…Anyone got a lead? And if so, how would we know he was the real deal? We want to deliver him a few curries to soften the blow. All we know is that he lives in Werribee, he got fined $1,652.00 and had called earlier to ask about delivery to Werribee which we couldn’t do until Wednesday. But how good is Butter Chicken? (sic)”

In a post earlier, Tonka Melbourne had opined, “$1,652.00 works out to be 61 Butter Chickens, which equals free butter chicken for life. We absolutely do not condone any illegal activity, especially related to COVID but f**k this gave us well needed laugh (sic)”

A spike in coronavirus cases had imposed a strict lockdown in Metropolitan Melbourne and Victoria’s Mitchell Shire, violating which could cost an individual a fine of up to $1652. Despite the restrictions, 10 people were stopped at vehicle checkpoints on the same day that Mr Butter Chicken was fined.The butter chicken lover along with 74 others were fined with $1652 each, though the former had the most bizarre excuse for breaching coronavirus restrictions that Victoria Police got as they had so far issued fines to “multiple people” for gathering in private or public places “to catch up with friends or consume alcohol”.

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Published Date: July 22, 2020 7:08 PM IST

Updated Date: July 22, 2020 7:15 PM IST