Every time you turn on the TV and see a Trivago advertisement you must have asked yourself who is this Trivago guy? After the suspense surrounding the Frooti ad of ‘Who is Digen Verma’ which any 90s kid would remember and helped catapult the sales and rebranding of the product, Trivago’s advertisement is the biggest query on Facebook, Quora and Twitter. There are a number of questions on Quora on Trivago advertisements across the world and why the company takes such models. Trivago is a German Multi National Company that offers an online hotel search engine across 56 plus countries. All the advertisements of Trivago share a basic concept of not associating with any known model. So, all their ads feature people who look common and ordinary. Tim Williams is another actor/musician who is known as the ‘Trivago Guy’. His overall lack of grooming along with messy hair, crumpled shirt, and no belt has given rise to a lot of memes, articles about gender equality and what not. The same fate is meted to the Indian ‘Trivago Guy’ whose real name is Abhinav Kumar and was revealed on a Quora thread.Also Read - Jharkhand Unlock: Govt Releases Guidelines For Durga Puja Celebrations, Allows Schools To Reopen For These Classes | Details here

Abhinav Kumar has become the object of several memes and jokes on social media. Abhinav Kumar gets hate for looking unkempt and ordinary in a crumpled gray shirt, skinny, baggy jeans, and a blazer. His lack of a fully grown beard and mustache has also come under scrutiny and people love to bash him. But guess what, Abhinav Kumar is Trivago’s company country development head (India) who lives in Dusseldorf, Germany. He has a Quora thread all to himself and has been at the receiving end of a number of Twitter trolls and memes. There are several questions on Quora that poke fun at him and people have also come up with the truth of his identity. People love to hate him, even actor-filmmaker Abbas Tyrewala mocked his presence in the ad. Abhinav Kumar who hails from Jharkhand has taken all the negative publicity in his stride and shared Abbas Tyrewala’s tweet on his Facebook page. He often shares the memes and jokes that feature him on social media accounts. You can follow him on his Twitter page and check out his LinkedIn page as well. Also Read - Political Row Erupts Over Soren's Govt Decision to Reserve Separate Room For Namaz in Jharkhand Assembly

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Watch the Trivago ad with Tim Williams here:

Check some of the memes that are doing the rounds on the Indian Trivago advertisement.

This one is classic

SRK’s iconic pose emulated by these cult figures

This is legit

Combining two memes at one go

The Trivago ad of Tim Williams even invited parodies. Funny or Die shared a spoof video of the Trivago guy in a blonde wig and a questionable accent. There is a parody Twitter account as well made on the Trivago guy. Guess, it’s not only us Indians who were irritated with the Trivago ads but the company has been at it for quite some time in the US and Europe.

Thanks to the ad Abhinav Kumar has become a celebrity of sorts and people have made him a social media sensation. He has two separate Quora threads on his name and people have come forward to recognize and acknowledge him. He is called strange in this question on Quora but then the amount of popularity that he has achieved it seems that the company has fulfilled its desire and created the brand perception it was aiming for.