Climate change is for real and while we humans contemplate treaties and mark down conventions that could throw laws to conserve the environment in our face, an elephant set the example by showing how our little efforts can sum up to big results. The video, currently trending viral has caught the notice of the Twitterati who can’t stop hailing the elephant for its concern and beating humans hollow by its act of saving nature.Also Read - GATE 2022: IIT Kharagpur to Hold Exam in February | Check Dates And Other Details Here

Spotted at a safari, the video shows a massive elephant, walking down to the end of a house which has a dustbin placed at the porch, lifting litter in its trunk and dumping the same in the black-coloured bin. Not succeeding in the first attempt as the litter bounces off, the elephant continues its struggle to prop the trash up into its trunk, with the help of its leg and finally succeeds in dumping the waste. Also Read - SL vs IND | Difficult Situation For us But we Decided to Stay on And Play Series: Shikhar Dhawan

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Blown by the sensitivity of the elephant, the tweeples flooded the video with warm comments. While one user wrote, “It makes me sad to see the elephant trying to fit into a human world… we should be trying to fit into their world” (sic), another tweeted, “This elephant has more manners than 80% of the population” (sic) and yet another said, “Forget dogs, elephants are the goodest boi now” (sic).

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The climate is changing for worse and the soaring temperatures, delayed monsoons and unforgivable heatwaves are enough indications of the same. With plastic being the biggest menace on the planet, many people, age no bar, are taking up the responsibility to ditch the use of its products and recently we saw a monkey following in the similar footsteps as it refused a drink by superstar Salman Khan, who offered him water in a plastic bottle.

Seen gulping down water under the shade of the surrounding trees, with the scorching sun burning its rays from behind, Salman turned to the monkey sitting atop a stack of goodies and humorously offered him his bottle of water. The monkey is seen coming forward to investigate its treat but immediately refuses and only accepts it when the water is offered in a glass. Downing it like a pro, the animal seemed to have more sense of responsibility than most of us humans. Impressed by the scene, Salman took to his Instagram handle to share the video and wrote, “Hamara bajrangi bhaijaan plastic ki bottle se paani nahi peeta . . (Our Bajrangi Bhaijaan refuses to drink water from a plastic bottle . .)” (sic). The video went immediately viral and has already garnered over 1.6 million views while it is still going strong.