We as Indians are used to eating with hands since childhood. Why is it that only we have this peculiar habit when rest of the world uses various cutleries while helping themselves? Although the whole world pokes fun at us for smearing food all over our hand while eating, Indians still love to eat with their hand, no matter how much sarcasm follows. Also Read - Power Up Your Diet With Pulses And Legumes, a Highly Nutritious Food

However, there could be a list of reasons to it-which could be anything from ‘feeling the food while eating’ to ‘not wanting to spend on cutlery’! Also Read - Kiran Bedi Removed As Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Telangana Governor Given Additional Charge

Although we use our hands to put food in our mouth almost daily, none of us actually know the reason for it. A bit of research and a look into this video would provide us with the insight of this tradition. Also Read - Foxtail Millet Payasam Recipe: Relish on This Sumptuous Dessert Recipe- WATCH

Touching the food with one’s hand and having it is actually believed to be giving respect to the food and the host serving you. It is said that helping oneself with the hand helps in having a spiritual connection with the food. It has nothing to do with dripping curries all the way to elbows while eating. In South India, food spread on the palm of the hands other than tip is considered to be ill mannered. So it is not in our tradition or culture to eat in a way that people would not like looking at us.

So solving yet another traditional mystery, we should be proud of our habit and it is not something that should be mocked upon.

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