Condom Shortages: It was in China where people stocked condoms to use it as gloves as the rumored reports suggested wearing them on fingers could protect you from the coronavirus. Now, people around the world have scrambled into grocers and drug stores to stock up on protective gear as the coronavirus scare floods. Also Read - Football: UEFA Denies August 3 Deadline For Champions League Conclusion

A few reports on the same suggested that a shortage of condoms in the market can lead to baby boom. Millions of romantic partners who live together realized that they may be stranded together for weeks. Also Read - Shahid Afridi, Jahangir Khan Come Forward to Help Minorities in Fighting Coronavirus Pandemic reported March 3 that stores were seeing “shortages in Singapore and Hong Kong.” The e-commerce platform Pinduoduo noted quarantine measures in China fueled a jump in sales of condoms and hair clippers, according to Also Read - Pakistan: Coronavirus Cases Cross 3,000-Mark, Govt Taking Measures to Curtail Its Spread

Condom sales have reportedly been increasing all across the globe since coronavirus cases were first diagnosed on the West Coast, where a growing number of shelter-in-place orders are in place.

According to the reports in Dailywire, if the coronavirus shutdown lasts several weeks, as likely, there will be a “baby boom” toward the end of 2020.

Even the dating apps are warning its users to maintain social distance and accept the Disease Control and Prevention guidelines shared by the government. When it comes to interacting with someone close, maintain some physical distance which includes hugs and kisses. Kiss is one of the most efficient modes of transfer for the coronavirus.