The Earth as we know it could end tomorrow or in a week. That is how delicate a balance the galaxy has to decide whether our planet will see another or not. There have been drastic changes in the weather on Earth owing to global warming but external forces like meteorites the size of cities can leave the Earth with a dusty atmosphere which will kill most organisms that need to breathe the air to survive. Also Read - US Spacecraft Named After NASA Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, The First India-Born Woman to Enter Space

If you have seen the film Armageddon then you will know what a global killer is. If you haven’t watch the film then a global killer is a catastrophic event that destroys our planet. An steroid the size of a country can break our planet in half or severely cripple the Earth’s orbit changing the seasons as we know it and destroying our lives in the process. [Also Read: Earth ending on November 2015′s Friday the 13th? Also Read - 'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid Will Zoom Past Earth on September 1, Is It Dangerous? Know Here

2015 has witnessed an unnaturally high number of solar flares from the Sun which rates as high as 4 on a scale of 5. Cosmic coincidences may be mush more than just a coincidence as we may hope. Sudden deaths of black birds in the thousands are an eerie sign of the final end. Dead fish falling from the skies or appearing on the shores are also being reported this year. Also Read - In a Groundbreaking First, New Machine Learning Algorithm Confirms 50 New Planets

There is no political turmoil to point of World War III to kill the planet ourselves. But, radical groups with a nuclear weapon can launch it at a nation like USA or Russia and initiate a man-made global killer. Early defense systems will annihilate the most relevant opponent and the Earth will become one giant Chernobyl. Here’s a video which gives theories that are too convincing to be ignored about the end of days.