Do you know drinking activated charcoal is the new detox hit craze! Yes, people are obsessed with trying different crazy cleansing trend. Be it in your face mask, face wash, paste and what not one thing that is making people go gag is the charcoal hack.For many years the Chinese Medicine, Ayuredic Medicine and also other known practitioners have used activated charcoal. The charcoal has been used since a long time to soak up poisons and improve intestinal health. Also Read - Refreshing And Nutritious Infused-Waters

Charcoal is a one of a kind remedy product for detoxification, digestion issues, gas, heart health, and anti-aging. By making use of charcoal helps to get rid of toxins from processed food and also helps your body eliminate any other kind of toxins.(ALSO READ: This girl uses charcoal to brush her teeth & the reason why she does it is amazing!) Also Read - Meal Plan Tips For Brides-To-Be

It is very useful to lower cholesterol, treat bile flow problems during pregnancy, and also for hangovers.Not only is it good to be consumed, but also is an excellent ingredient for for external treatments such as body odor and acne, insect bites, rashes from poison ivy and snake bites. And if you are wondering if you can get activated charcoal naturally from foods? No you can’t find it naturally in foods.Check out the video below, how the Buzzfeed Try Guys gulp down activated charcoal drinks and the consequences of the ultimate detox drink! Also Read - Asia Society Names Discover, BuzzFeed, And KPMG as Best Employers For Asian Pacific Americans in 2019