Bhopal: Needless to say, the poor and underprivileged have been hit the hardest due to the coronavirus lockdown, with millions of them struggling for food. One such case is of a woman in Bhopal who claims she had to sell her mangalsutra (a necklace worn by a Hindu woman to signify that she is married) in order to feed her family amid the lockdown. Also Read - Dalit Lives Matter, Really? 17-Year-Old Dalit Boy Shot by Upper Caste Men For Visiting Temple in UP's Amroha

The woman named Kaushaliya Patil, used to sell prasad outside a temple in Bhopal, however, her business took a hit due to the closure of the temple. Also Read - Harsh Reality of Covid-19: This Cemetery in Bhopal Keeps 10 Graves Ready for Speedy Burials

“I have a hope that devotees again will throng the temple. But, if the situation does not change, hunger will kill us if not coronavirus. My husband is also paralysed. I have now sold my mangalsutra for Rs 5,000 to feed the family,” she told ANI.

“My son works at the petrol pump. He gets a very little salary from which I am able to run the household,” she added.

In a similar unfortunate incident, a wife of a COVID warrior in Karnataka was forced to mortgage her mangalsutra to perform the last rites of her husband. Her husband, Umesh Hadagali, an ambulance driver, died of a heart attack after 2 months of non-stop COVID duty.