New Delhi: The widely popular and catchy children’s song ‘Baby Shark’ has created a new milestone! The addictive melody recorded by South Korean company Pinkfong, has become the most-watched video ever on YouTube, with over 7.04 billion views. Also Read - Absolutely Crazy! Russian YouTuber Sets Rs 2.4 Crore Mercedes on Fire | Video Goes Viral

With this, the song has surpassed Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito’, which previously held the record for most video views on the platform. ‘Despacito’ currently has 7.03 billion views.

The over 2-minute long video features repetitive “doo doo doo doo doo doo” lyrics as the song calls out “baby shark,” “mommy shark,” and “daddy shark.” Amid the pandemic, the makers also launched a coronavirus-themed version, “Wash Your Hands”, teaching children the importance of personal hygiene.

Notably, the song recorded by Korean-American singer Hope Segoine and produced by South Korean educational company Pinkfong, was originally uploaded to YouTube on June 17, 2016. Since then it has become a global cultural sensation and of course, a favourite of children everywhere!

The song even made it to global music charts, ranking No. 32 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 and No. 6 on the Official Charts. More so, the song is so popular in South Korea that bands like Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation and Blackpink have started incorporating it into their concerts.

Talking about the song’s craze, Pinkfong’s marketing director Jamie Oh told the BBC in 2018, “Nursery rhymes have always been sort of slow, very cute, but something that would help your children fall asleep – as opposed to Baby Shark. Pinkfong’s Baby Shark is very trendy and it has a very bright beat with fun dance moves. The animation is very vivid. We call it K-Pop for the next generation.”

Here’s the song: