Munnar: At a time when people across India are forced to stay indoors due to the coronavirus induced lockdown, several instances of Nature reclaiming itself have come to the fore. Amid increased wildlife sightings across the country, many wild animals have also been spotted wandering the streets of Munnar in Kerala. Also Read - Trending News Today April 10, 2020: Baby Elephant Sets Hygiene Example For Humans Amid COVID-19 And THIS Video is Proof!

There have been multiple citing of elephants, including star elephant Padayappa, during the lockdown.With the sighting becoming a common occurrence now, people of the Munnar region have now named the elephant after the Rajanikanth movie ‘Padayappa’.

“He seems to enjoy walking on the empty streets of Munnar stopping at times near the plantain farming, to have plantain leaves and bananas,” said Manikandan a Munnar native.

He said though the people feared the tusker initially, ‘Padayappa’ has now become a regular visitor and people call his name out loud from distance. He was also seen taking his usual stroll around the town on Thursday, wandering on roads devoid of human activity.

“Though some people tried to burst crackers and sound horns to distract him and send him back to the forest but he is reluctant to return home, said Raju a resident.

A few days ago, similar scenes were witnessed in Wayanad, where a tusker was seen walking peacefully down an empty road. A video of a Nilgai roaming around Noida went viral last month while peacocks were photographed dancing on roads in Mumbai as well.

Meanwhile in states like Bihar and West Bengal, environmentalists were thrilled to spot rare Gangetic dolphins on the ghats due to reduced water pollution.