New Delhi: A Pakistani couple stranded at the Attari border for over 70 days is now making headlines after they welcomed their new-born baby boy as ‘Border’. The baby boy was born on December 2 is now going viral for this unique name. According to India Today, the couple identified as Nimbu Bai and Balam Ram, belong to Rajanpur district of Punjab province.  They have been stranded at the Attari border for the last 71 days along with 97 other Pakistani citizens.Also Read - Viral Video: Pregnant Woman Dances to Manike Mage Hithe, Flaunts Her Baby Bump | Watch

When asked the reason behind the unusual name, the couple said that the baby had been named so because he was born at the Indo-Pak border. On December 2, Nimbu Bai went into labour following which a few women from the neighbouring Punjab villages arrived to assist her in delivering the child. The locals also extended help by arranging medical facilities for the delivery.

The child’s father Balam Ram said he and the other citizens from Pakistan couldn’t return home after a pilgrimage to India due to the lack of requisite documents. Of the 97 citizens, as many as 47 are children and six of them were born in India.

Another Pakistani citizen at the border, Lagya Ram, named his son ‘Bharat’ when he was born in December last year. The locals have been providing them with three meals a day, medicines, and clothes.