There are far too many times when we ignore out health issues and dismiss it without thought. One such incident of negligence cost a woman a hefty price as she was left with a hole in a chin. A woman from California ignored the symptoms of a deadly form of skin cancer for blackhead. Kari Cummins is a mother of five children and had a growth on her chin. The 35-year-old woman dismissed the growth as a normal blackhead, however, various tests confirmed that she was actually suffering from squamous cell carcinoma. Indian Origin UK Surgeon In Birmingham Removes 27 Contact Lenses Stuck In Woman’s Eye.
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Kari first noticed a strange mark on her chin and ignored it as normal acne for a very long time. The stay at home mum finally visited a skin doctor after several years and was shocked when she was told that the ‘spot’ was actually skin cancer. The deadly form of cancer could have spread to her organs if left untreated. Kari was in for a shock of a lifetime when she realised that the spot could have soon killed her. Alcohol Consumption May Cause Skin Cancer: 5 Indicative Signs of Skin Cancer You Should Know
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While Kari immediately began treatment against squamous cell carcinoma and had the growth surgically removed, she was left with a deep hole on her chin that needed 35 stitches to be closed. This eye-opening experience has pushed Kari into motivating other into getting timely health check-ups. During her diagnosis, the doctors revealed that the damage was still minimal as compared to what could have been, had she not gotten her mole checked. Doctor Removes Dozens of Live Maggots From Kazakhstan Boy’s Ears, Video Goes Viral.
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With the growing exposure to harmful rays, use of chemical products and the lack of basic knowledge about cancer diagnosis and prevention, people have been succumbing to skin cancer at an alarming rate. squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common type of skin cancer in the UK and the easiest way to stay safe is by going for regular check-ups and taking noticing random moles and growths in our body.