New Jersey: A woman from New Jersey is going viral after sharing an old story of how she discovered that the doll she bought for her 6-year-old daughter was actually stuffed with cocaine.Also Read - Kim Kardashian West Finally Shares Jaw-Dropping Pictures From Christmas Eve And Fans Can't Keep Calm!

Elizabeth Faidley, took to Facebook to share the story of her 2015 Christmas present fiasco and wrote how back in 2015, her daughter Ellie wanted a ‘merbaby’ for Christmas. Also Read - Amy Jackson Shares Adorable Picture With Her Little Munchkin Andreas, Wishes Him His First Christmas

“Being the adventurous gift buyer that I am, I searched and searched and finally found a hand-made mermaid baby doll on ETSY. In the pictures online, it appeared that Pearl was wearing a veil of some sort. But no, that was her creepy and weird skin,” Elizabeth wrote. Also Read - Aamir Khan's Daughter Ira Khan Makes Fans go Weak in The Knees With Her Sizzling Look This Christmas

However, her daughter was not impressed with the doll and to make her happy, Elizabeth then dyed up the doll’s hair and wrapped her up in a blanket, but to no avail.

Ellie continued to reject the doll, and it is then that Faidley resorted to sending her to a doll hospital for some cosmetic changes.

She didn’t hear much else until she got a phone call from the Secaucus Police Department demanding she come to the precinct immediately.

The police told her that when the doll hospital ‘removed Pearl’s head to repaint her offensive skin, they found 2 ounces of Cocaine. Stuffed in her head.’

Faidley said that detectives investigated herself and her family, and eventually ruled them out as suspects.

She, however, later got to know that Pearl was purchased from an Etsy shop based out of Alabama that used their mer-baby dolls as a front for smuggling drugs.

Faidley says her daughter is now 10 and remembers her mer-baby well.