A 21-year-old woman has gone viral on the internet, and has even been offered jobs after she created a video in an hour while she waited for her boyfriend to text her back. Paulina Ramirez was messaging with her boyfriend George Giron about dinner plans when he fell off to asleep, and while she waited for him, she got creative and made a video titled ‘Where the F**k is George?’.Also Read - Woman Denied Entry at Delhi Restaurant For Wearing Saree, Twitterati Slam Bizarre Dress Code | Watch

Paulina, a student at California State University, Fresno, never expected to get the response she got when she posted the minute-long clip on Twitter with a caption that read, “When your boyfriend doesn’t reply so you make a trailer with all the time you have on your hands.” Also Read - Viral Video: After Man Refuses to Take Covid Vaccine, Here's What His Friends Did Next | Watch

In the video, which has been retweeted 51,791 times and got 169,876 likes, Paulina is seen going online searching for information about George’s whereabouts, googling ‘how to track your boyfriend’, and even offering $9.47 as reward to anyone who finds him. The video, which was presented by iMovie and Angry Girlfriend, quickly went viral. Also Read - People Use Boats to Commute Amid Heavily Waterlogged Streets of West Bengal's Midnapore | Watch

According to BuzzFeed News, Paulina revealed that it all happened after George fell asleep while they were planning to get chicken and waffles.

“He was only asleep for an hour, but I got bored and decided to make a video that might make him chuckle,” she said.

Paulina revealed the video did make George laugh, and at first she had no intentions of sharing it publicly, but it came out so well that she did.