Viral News: Relationships are tricky, and it’s sometimes hard to understand whether someone is right for you. People also tend to ignore red signs in an relationship, because it is often disguised as love. So, when does an act become a sign of protectiveness or rather possessiveness? In an attempt to find the same, a woman took to Reddit to reveal that her boyfriend want her to wear a bikini when she is not with him. Why? He doesn’t want her to wear a bikini because apparently, he doesn’t trust other men.Also Read - Krishna Shroff Gives Back To Troll Who Asked Her 'If She Has No Shame' For Posting Pictures in Bikini

Not only that, he also made a sexist remark, saying that when he sees girls wearing things like that he thinks they do it for attention.

In a post on Reddit, she explained, ”We argued over this a lot. He says that he does not trust other men if I was to wear something revealing when not with him. He has also stated that when he sees girls wearing things like that he thinks they do it for attention. I stated to him that this lets me take a walk into his mind a little bit because if he is so adamant about me not wearing certain things, he must look at other girls in ways he does not want me looked at. Of course he has denied this.

I just find this so disrespectful. I work hard to improve my body. Why can’t I feel confident in something feminine? I would never wear something for the attention of another man. He says it’s not that he wouldn’t trust me. Just that he doesn’t trust other men. Is this concerning? Does he have a dirty mind towards other women. Just thinking about it pisses me off.”

Well, many people replied to her post saying that he simply doesn’t trust her, while others said that he has a controlling and insecure behavior and it’s better to break up with him.

“If he’s going to be controlling about you wearing a bikini, imagine what he’s gonna be controlling about later in life. This could be just the beginning,” one user said while another wrote, ”Seriously lose the boyfriend. This is just the beginning of the control he wants to have over OP. There a red flags flying everywhere with this guy.”

A third user commented, ”I mean, if he really trusts you this wouldn’t be a big deal. He can’t stop other guys from looking at you no matter how you’re dressed, nor can he control your reaction to them. He just has to trust that you’re committed to him – which you are. Which shouldn’t stop you from showing off your body because you think it looks great, dammit!”

”So in your post you’ve identified that he’s controlling, insecure and basically believes rape happenes because of what the would-be victim wears and not because someone is rapey. To that, you also touched on his thought process meaning he could be rapey himself given his conclusion. Yeah. I’d run like hell. You’re young and don’t need that in your life,”’another commented.