New Year’s Eve celebrations are a huge deal for many people who gathered to welcome the New Year 2017 in the heart of Bangalore, MG Road and Brigade road. But what followed was a complete havoc. Women were groped and assaulted by a huge group of unruly men who targeted women across ages. Despite a tight police protection of 1500, the disgusting act was carried out around 11 pm and witnessed by scarred children and adults alike. Thousands had gathered on the streets to welcome the New Year and the Bangalore police had taken various precautions to make sure that such an incident does not happen. However, hooligans and mobsters began molesting and pawing on the women who dared to enjoy their New Year’s Eve. Netizens condemned this barbaric behavior on social media. READ ALSO: Is Bangalore more unsafe than Delhi for women? Mass groping on 2017 New Year’s Eve and these 4 sexual harassment cases prove so.Also Read - IPL 2021 | Tried Best to Create a Culture For Youngsters as Captain, Will Play For RCB Till My Last Day in IPL: Virat Kohli

Some of the mobsters also passed sly remarks and comments which deteriorated to such an extent that women had to take their stilettos in their hands and run from the site. The New Year ’s Eve police protection included the entire police force accompanied by men from the reserve battalions who were trying hard to maintain law and order. However, the city’s police force proved to be weak when compared to the hounds of rogue, weasel monsters that hovered around the streets. The police were severely outnumbered despite their preventive measures and had to judge the gravity of the situation and chose to intervene the graver ones. Twitter exploded with anger as soon as this incident was brought to notice. Also Read - 'Wo Meri Bandi Hai': Mumbai Police Uses Problematic Dialogues From ‘Kabir Singh’ & 'Dabangg’ to Condemn Misogyny

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Despite the pictorial evidence, the police revealed that not a single case of harassment or assault had been registered. Famous Twitter celebrity, Sir Ravindra Jadeja took to the microblogging site to express his aghast over this incident. His tweet stated this as a night of shame for Bangalore and also questioned the lack of media attention to this incident.

This incident has highlighted the state of women and their security in Bangalore. While various events have advocated the state of women in Delhi, Bangalore seems to be racing to overtake the country’s capital in this race! Women’s safety has been an important topic that gains little attention in India. While we raise our voice every time a grave incident happens and leaves us unnerved, like the Nirbhaya rape case, we often go back into normalcy quite instantly.