Aurangabad: The water of Maharashtra’s famous Lonar crater lake in Buldhana has mysteriously changed its colour from green to pink, leaving citizens and experts baffled at the sudden overnight change. Also Read - Mind-Boggling! Mysterious Fire in Spain Burns Without Damaging Trees Or Grass, Internet Is Baffled | Watch

The lake, located around 500 km from Mumbai is a popular tourist hub and also attracts scientists from all over the world. A notified national geo-heritage monument, the lake was formed after a meteorite hit the Earth some 50,000 years ago.

The photos of Lonar Lake turning pink has gone viral on social media platforms:

Experts say this is not the first time that the colour change has happened, but this time it is more glaring.

Gajanan Kharat, member of the Lonar lake conservation and development committee has said that the salinity and algae present in the water might be responsible for this change. He said the level of water in the Lonar lake is currently low as compared to the few past years and there is no rain to pour fresh water in it.

He told PTI, ”The low level of water may lead to increased salinity and change in the behaviour of algae because of atmospheric changes…this may be the reason for colour change. This is not the first time that the colour of water has changed,” he said.

But to ascertain the exact cause, the forest department has been asked to collect the sample of the water and dig out the reason behind the changing colour of the lake.