They say ‘work is worship’ and in the wake of coronavirus lockdown, our work has taken over our personal lives so much so that we forget to keep track of time. However, one bride took work from home quite literally and was seen glued to a laptop on her wedding day! Can you believe that?Also Read - Groom's Death Two Days After Wedding Sets Off Biggest Covid-19 Infection Chain in Bihar, Over 100 Infected

Though it’s not clear when the video was taken, the hilarious incident has left netizens in splits. The video shows the bride attending a call and working on the laptop on stage as she sits all decked up in wedding finery. Meanwhile, the clueless husband comes and sits next to her, but doesn’t get any attention from her.

The amusing incident was captured by a twitter user, who captioned it, “If you think you are under work pressure then watch this…”

The video has gone viral and has given a lot of fodder to people for jokes and memes. While some applauded her for being a dedicated employee, others criticised the company for putting her under so much pressure.

One user wrote, “Tell me that she is working on Corona Vaccine, only then I can understand!”

Another wrote, ”On the brighter side, I’m proud of her. Wonder it would have been different if the groom was doing the same”.

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