At the heels of the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala comes the disturbing news of killing of an endagered species of Gangetic River Dolphins, a carcass of which was found in Assam‘s Dibru river. Pointing straight at the oil spill last month in Tinsukia, due to the blast at the Baghjan production well under Baghjan Oil field of Oil India Limited, the chances of an immediate fire decreased due to incessant rain but it destroyed the aquatic life in the area.Also Read - Some People Collected Money To Stop Eviction: Assam CM Suspects Third Party Role In Darrang Violence

Leaving citizens furious for the ecological threat that Oil India Limited’s (OIL) bid to drill for hydrocarbons in a national park in Assam posed, many called out the Union Ministry for Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) for permitting “oil drilling at a distance as close as 500 meters.” Ahead of and even on World Environment Day, many staged outrage on various social media platforms. Also Read - 2 Killed, Several Injured As Cops Thrash Protesters, Open Fire During Eviction Drive in Assam's Darrang District

One user shared a picture of the carcass and wrote on Facebook, “If the Kerala Elephant incident bothers you, this should get you furious because the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change is directly responsible for the murder of endangered species in Dibru Saikhowa, Assam. You aren’t supposed to drill upto 10 kms near a National Park, Biosphere reserve or Wildlife sanctuary. These corrupt villains permitted oil drilling at a distance as close as 500 meters. As a result of the their activities, an oil blowout occurred which has lasted over 7 days, caused a thick oil spill and killed several exotic species, fish and displaced over 1600 people. Happy Environment Day. Once again, The Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change in India must answer for this. Care to share? THIS DESERVES ATTENTION (sic).” Also Read - Assam Girl in Shorts Forced to Wrap Curtain Over Legs to Write Entrance Exam, Calls It 'Most Humiliating Experience'

Another took to Twitter and lashed, “Since you’re protesting the death of an elephant, read about the death of an endangered gangetic dolphin caused by Govt’s inaction. Assam oil well continues to leak ‘uncontrollably’ one week after explosion (sic).”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the news here:

With no let-up even after 3 days, the blowout is reportedly continuing in the same magnitude due to the lack of safety measures on behalf of the drilling company. Being 1.108 kms from Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and within 1 km from the famous Maguri-Matapung Wetland, the blast dislocated atleast 2,500 people while many animals have been killed.