World Music Day or Fête de la Musique is the annual music celebration that takes place on June 21 every year. This musical event falls on the same day as International Yoga Day and is widely celebrated in the United Kingdom and gaining popularity in India and other countries. World Music Day is also called as Make Music Day and is different from the International Music Day that is recognised by UNESCO but this day is being celebrated on a grand scale in India with various special events and musical options being planned by pubs and restaurants. Also Read - Four Strangers All Named Paul O'Sullivan Forms a Music Band Despite Living in Different Parts of the World

The concept of World Music Day began in France back in 1982 and is being adopted by more than 120 countries already. Fête de la Musique is basically a day for musicians from all over the world to unite and celebrate the power of music and appreciate the art. This musical festival is being celebrated in India as well with various popular attractions like the Institut Francais India, The Irish Pub, Sofitel Mumbai, High Street Pheonix and other popular restaurants and pubs organising special concerts and events to bring music closer to people. Also Read - Music Producer Turns Kajol's 'Gamla Scene' from K3G into New Song; Video Goes Viral

Twitter is already full of celebratory messages that promote music and the concept of World Music Day. However, these events are promoting the spirit of the festival and encouraging people to get out on the streets, bring out their musical side and simply enjoy this beautiful day. the idea of World Music Day came to Maurice Fleuret and is based on the idea that “the music everywhere and the concert nowhere.” Here are the best offers and events to celebrate World Music Day on June 21, 2017. Also Read - Incredible! Dancer from Arunachal Performs by a Roadside to Raise Money for Street Musicians

The Irish House Mumbai has some class plans

There are various options for finding your Happy Place

High Street Pheonix has some special plans

The Music School is mixing the city

And one with the mix of Indian meets western

Delhi has options of celebrating Yoga and Music

A Sing along for folks at Kolkata

Time to connect

In addition to these events, there are various shows and events planned by music companies and radio stations. While each radio station has their own set of contests for celebrating the musical world, T-series has announced that they will be releasing their mix tape on World Music Day to make it much more entertaining. Music has always been the one go-to form of art that connects with people. World Music Day is an initiative of motivating people to bring out the musical side and promote music.