The World Health Organisation (WHO) has proposed its plans for observing World Tuberculosis Day. People from all over the world observe World TV Day on March 24 every year. The main aim behind the celebration of this day is to fight tuberculosis and eradicate this deadly disease that has been claiming millions of lives. The theme for World Tuberculosis Day 2017 is ‘Unite to End TB’, and the global community have joined hands in observing this day and fighting against TB. This slogan is seen as a reminder and motivation of the final goal, to eradicate tuberculosis.Also Read - Covaxin For Kids in India: How Many Doses to Take, What Does 'Restricted Usage' Mean, Booster Dose - All You Need to Know

Tuberculosis is a deadly infectious disease that claims more than 1.7 million lives every year all over the world. India contributes to about 25% of these deaths due to the lack of safe conditions as well as basic amenities. TB has been feared mainly for its extremely contagious nature which puts people around a patient at risk if not treated well. The observation of World Tuberculosis Day began as an effort to discuss the infectious disease and come up with a solution for the eradication of TB from the world. As we commemorate this day on March 24, 2017, here is everything you need to know about World Tuberculosis Day and its significance. Also Read - WHO Experts Recommend Additional COVID Vaccine Dose for People with Weak Immune Systems

1. When is World Tuberculosis Day?

World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated on March 24 worldwide. It is one of the eight global public health campaigns marked by the WHO. The World Health Organisation began celebrating World TB day on March 24, 1982. This was part of a year-long centennial effort by the IUATLD and the World Health Organization under the theme “Defeat TB: Now and Forever.” This event led to the make World TB Day an annual observation. Also Read - Mosquirix - World's 1st Malaria Vaccine Approved by WHO. All You Need to Know

2. Why is World TB Day observed?

The celebration of World Tuberculosis Day is in remembrance of Dr Robert Koch’s discovery of the TB bacillus which was announced on March 24 in 1882. Robert Koch announced his discovery of the TB bacillus to a small group of scientists on this day and marked a key point in the war against the disease. However, the first Wolrd TB Day was observed one century after this discovery on March 24, 1982. It has since become an annual occurrence and people all over the world gather and discuss about the various solutions to put an end to the life-threatening disease.

3. Why is World Tuberculosis Day important?

World Tuberculosis Day is a day dedicated to tuberculosis and encourages people to organise various conferences and discussions around steps to stop the spread of tuberculosis in the world and put eradicate it. Tuberculosis currently claims more than 1.7 million lives. Tuberculosis is one of the leading cause of death in various parts of the world, especially in third world countries. The number of HIV patients who die because of TB is extremely high. About 2.2 million people develop TB in India, and an estimated 2,20,000 people expire due to the disease. World TB Day helps to make efforts and put an end to this deadly disease that is various daunting parts of the world.

4. Significance of Unite to End TB

The aim of the World Health Organisation has been to make people more aware of the signs and symptoms of TB and how to curb the disease. The theme for World TB Day 2017, Unite to End TB, aims at full filling the goal. The focus this year is to increase awareness both about the disease as well as the vaccines. One of the most crucial reasons behind the fear and dread of tuberculosis has been the lack of availability of these vaccines, especially in the underdeveloped and developing countries. The WHO is striving to bridge this gap between supply and demand and hopes that ‘Unite to End TB’ helps all the countries in the world to come together and fight the disease.

World TB Day is also seen as an opportunity to build public awareness about TB and shatter the myths around the disease. While tuberculosis affects people of all ages, sex and races, the number of children affected by the disease is extremely high. On an average, 10-15 % of all TB patients is under the age of 14. While we are spreading the message of World TB Day and making people aware about the disease, it is extremely important to take preventive measures against TB. The easiest measure is to not ignore basic health issues like a persistent cough and adopting a healthy lifestyle.