Alien enthusiasts can’t keep calm and we don’t blame them as World UFO day is just around the corner. Celebrated on June 24 by some and on July 02 by the others, World UFO Day is an awareness day when people across the world indulge in parties and sky-watching to look out for unidentified flying objects.Also Read - Taiwan-Based UFO Hunter Makes Jaw-Dropping Revelation, Spots 'Alien Warrior Figure' in NASA's Image of Mars

Early in the 1900’s, according to aviator Kenneth Arnold, nine unusual objects reportedly flew over Washington on June 24. He described them then as “saucer-like” or “a big flat disk” which has now become the symbol of imagined alien spacecrafts.

World UFO Day Organisation (WUFODO) later dedicated July 2 as a celebration of the day in order to raise awareness about “the existence of UFOs and with that intelligent beings from outer space” that would rule out the possibility of us being alone in the universe. The aim of WUFODO was also to encourage governments to declassify files on supposed UFO sightings while “the most important thing is that people collectively open their minds to the subject for one day and send out the message that UFOs are welcome on this earth”.

As myths and speculations about aliens amp up ahead of World UFO Day, it is important to know about Roswell incident of 1947 that sparked the debate on unidentified flying objects. As per conspiracy theorists, an alien spacecraft crashed in New Mexico’s Roswell in the summer of 1947 while US government allegedly tried to cover it up.

Roswell incident 1947

The key event of Roswell incident marks the top-secret project by the US Army Air Forces that involved flying microphones on weather balloons to detect Soviet nuclear test explosions. The conspiracy theorists claim that is was an alien spacecraft crash and not the Project Mogul balloon that crashed in the desert near Rosswell on an unknown day in July,1947.

First spotted by William Brazel on his sizable property in Lincoln County, New Mexico, the wreckage was described by him as a “large area of bright wreckage made up of rubber strips, tinfoil, a rather tough paper and sticks”. The US army however, recovered the debris and stated that the wreckage was that of a weather balloon.

Called as a “cover up”, it soon paved the way for Hollywood movies on extraterrestrial encounters in 1950s and till date. Even now, after more than 70 years, the incident remains a defining aspect of Roswell’s identity. The area covering the ranch from where the US army recovered a “flying disc”, now has a UFO museum and research center, alien-themed streetlights and a flying saucer-inspired McDonald’s outlet. The area also has a broken-down UFO on the side of State Route 285, featuring an extraterrestrial “family” stranded and ooking for a jump-start.