World Vegetarian Day is celebrated annually on October 1. The day brings global attention to the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism and focuses on the ethics of following a vegetarian lifestyle. Every year there are thousands of people making the move to a healthier, more socially responsible way of living. These people care about the lives of animals and want cruelty to come to an end, they want to live long healthy lives and avoid the perils of heart disease, and they want to have beautiful bodies sustained by living in tune with the Earth. Also Read - World Vegetarian Day: 9 Bollywood celebrities who adopted vegetarianism for a healthy lifestyle

Who are they? They’re vegetarians, and World Vegetarian Day celebrates their decision to get rid of meat and animal products from their diet and live a more careful life.

Twitter is flooded with videos where netizens are sharing the cruelty with animals and are requesting vegetarians to go vegan this year.

Watch some of the videos here:

Even if you have no desire to live a Vegetarian lifestyle every day, give yourself a chance to explore the world that is vegetarian cuisine on World Vegetarian Day. Explore the health benefits and find out how delicious and healthy eating no animal products can be by eliminating them from your diet for just one day. You can celebrate the day by ordering a vegetarian dish at your favourite restaurant.