World Water Day 2020 is being observed on Sunday, March 22. The day is celebrated as a new day every year dedicated to analysing various tools and programmes launched to implement sustainable water policies. Coordinated by UNESCO’s World Water Development Programme, a new World Water Development Report is released every year on March 22. This year, however, the global launch of the report in Geneva has been postponed due to the spread of coronavirus all across the world. Also Read - Alia Bhatt's 'Save Water' Reminder Amid Coronavirus Precautions is Global Advice of The Hour!

The theme of the report this year was ‘Water and Climate Change’. It aimed at issuing new guidelines about improving water management and taking more measures to deal with climate change. The report also mentioned the challenges and opportunities that come in the way of ensuring water management and combating climate change. Also Read - 'Called Coronavirus, Hit With Water Balloons Near DU': Female Students From Northeast Share Their Horror

It was on December 22, 1992, that the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution and later declared March 22 of every year as the World Day for Water. Various countries were invited to launch different programmes to save water, promote water conservation and spread public awareness through various means including entertaining skits, serious discussions and community conferences and seminars organised with a theme and a context. Also Read - Pune eateries adopt 'half filled glass' measure to save water

This year, as the world stands still currently and everything has been put on a hold, it’s important we realise the importance of saving water today more than in any other time. In the fight with the coronavirus pandemic, it’s essential for us to keep washing hands with water every 20 minutes and take all other precautionary measures to stay away from contracting the deadly infection. Let’s do our bit!