In the ongoing International Film Festival of India (IFFI), a feature film, Anurakthi is among main attractions. The movie is gaining in the spotlight for being the world’s first Sanskrit 3D film. While the 3000-year-old language may not be a part of the daily interaction, a filmmaker shot a feature film in the language. The movie directed by Asokan PK revolves around the traditional art form of Kerala, Koodiyattam. In the movie, a Punjabi ballet dancer, Vasudha, comes to Kerala to learn Koodiyattam from a practitioner called Paramesharwan Chakkiar.  The movie is a blend of tradition and modernity while showcasing the 2000-year-old dance form of Kerala. Also Read - Irrfan Khan's Wife Sutapa Sikdar Says She Has Got 'Closure' in a Moving Speech at IFFI - Watch Viral Video

Anurakthi is in colloquial Sanskrit and also has a song in the 80-minute-long film. A team of 10 Sanskrit scholars worked with the filmmaker to help deliver the correct dialogues. There were also dialect coaches to the actors to perfect the language. According to a DD report, the motto of making the film is to make the Sanskrit language relevant even for today. The movie will release for the audience in February 2018. Reportedly, the main challenge for the artists in the movie was to present it in a contemporary setting and ensure the language can be followed by the viewers. The filmmakers believe it is not a commercial one in but its significance is to create an art of living. Also Read - Indian delegation at Berlinale 2019 discusses collaboration with Venice International Film Festival

Founded in 1952, IFFI is one of the most significant film festivals in Asia held annually in Goa. IFFI started with the participation of 23 countries with over two hundred films’ entries and now has now grown manifold. The film festival witnesses entries from over 100 countries across the world. IFFI is in its 48th year and has been a star-studded affair. Also Read - After Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra Expresses his Love For Amitabh Bachchan With This Adorable Message at IFFI 2017