American singer Nicki Minaj has come up with an amazing offer for her fans. The rapper has offered to pay their fees they need for college. Nicki made the offer after a fan tweeted asking if she would like to pay for his tuition. However, the actress said that she would pay their fees if they got straight A-grades. Nicki had earlier tweeted about a competition giving fans a chance to meet her but one of her followers asked instead for help paying college fees. The 34-year-old singer also offered to help her followers and has given away thousand of dollars already. Also Read - Fact Check: Students to Get Rs 11,000 From Govt to Pay Their School & College Fees? Here’s The Truth Behind the Viral Claim

When a fan tweeted asking ‘@NICKIMINAJ Well you wanna pay for my tuition?’ she replied saying, ‘Show me straight A’s that I can verify w/ur school and I’ll pay it. Who wants to join THAT contest?!? Dead serious. Shld I set it up?’ Probably after she was given the proof of the fan’s grades, Minaj asked the college goer to send in their bank account information. Another Twitter user wrote, “1k would be more than enough for my 3 summer classes help me Nic @NICKIMINAJ.” To this Minaj replied, “That’s it? I’ll send it tomorrow. DM me your bank information babe. Next!” She also paid for a student’s professional camera taking up a course of production in audiovisual media. Nicki Minaj pays tuition fees for fans Also Read - Rapper Kanye West Urinates on His Grammy Award, Shocking Video Leaves The Internet Stunned

Here is what she tweeted in reply to her fans: Also Read - Abortion, Religion & Trade: American Rapper Kanye West Holds First Event As US Presidential Candidate

Nicki’s had tweeted about the contest which let her fans fly out to the Billboard Music Awards saying that she makes enough money for that. Nicki replied to most of them asking them for their bank information so that she can make the money transaction. She also replied to a fan who asked her for 6,000 USD for 16 credit classes, room and board, meal plan, technology fee and books, to which she replied, “Ok. I’ll pay it. If u have proof.” Nicki replied to almost 30 people in total giving away thousands of dollars. After which she signed off by saying that she would do this again in a month or two.