People stoop to crazy levels when it comes to transforming their body! No we are not talking about health freaks, as they go to any extent to get a fit body. Take a look at this 25-year-old woman who did something bizarre to resemble Jessica Rabbit! The woman named Pixee Fox wanted to look like the living cartoon, so she decided to bid goodbye to her ribs! No kidding! Pixee Fox went ahead to get her six ribs removed so as to achieve a 14-inch waist. She did all of this to look like the real-life Jessica Rabbit.Also Read - Farhan Akhtar’s Incredible Body Transformation: From Hardcore Training To Perfecting Boxing For Toofaan, Fans Are All Stun

She hails from Stockholm and had always wanted to look like the real-life version of Jessica Rabbit. So she spent almost 80,000 pounds and underwent  15 surgeries to completely restructure her body to get the 14 inch waist. Also Read - Vidya Balan Opens Up on Body-Shaming, Says 'I Thought My Body Betrayed Me, Weight Had Become National Issue'

Her bust, waist and hips measurements were 30-24-34, after all the surgeries her measurements are now  38-16-39. Fox had to undertake a lot of precautions after the surgeries, now she can’t consume heavier foods. Her diet includes nuts, vegetables and fruit, which she consumes as smoothies. Also Read - Villagers Carry Bihar Man's Body to Bank, Demand Funeral Money From Account

Apparently she is so obsessed with the body of Jessica Rabbit that she says that after all these changes her body represents the idealisation of the female body. It is quite surprising that people put their body and health at risk and undergo so many procedures to achieve something so meaningless. People don’t realize the long term effects or any other consequences such measures could result in time.(ALSO READ: Brainless like Barbie: Woman tries hypnotherapy to become like Barbie)