Indian is a country where people believe in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (The guest is equivalent to God). But not everyone deserve this nice gesture of Indians. Here is a video uploaded by Vijay Verma on social networking website Facebook showing a foreign woman slapping a security guard for doing his duty. Also Read - Punjab, Haryana on High Alert After Tractor Rally In Delhi Turns Violent | Key Points Here

The shocking incident took place at WWF auditorium in Delhi on July 10 when a security personnel stopped a lady for entering into a book release function attended by former prime minister Manmohan Singh for security reasons. The lady wasn’t allowed to enter  auditorium as she arrived after Singh’s entry. Losing her cool, the lady slapped the guard who was just doing his duty. We salute the person who intervene into the matter and confronted the lady the way she deserved. (Watch most horror scenes of 250 scary movies in just 5 minutes) Also Read - Video: Protesting Farmer's Tractor Overturns After It Rams Into Police Barricades, Dies Later

The incident is not only shocking but unacceptable too. We would like to tell our guest from across the world that we Indian value your arrival in our country. When you come to India, you will have to follow Indian law. You have no right to break protocols. Moreover, we must have respect for each other. Watch the shocking video below: Also Read - Every Second Person in Delhi Infected With COVID, Latest Sero-survey Shows Signs of Herd Immunity

A foreign lady slaps a security personel while he was not allowing her to enter a book release function attended by…

Posted by Vijay Verma on Friday, July 10, 2015