Shah Rukh Khan’s eldest son, Aryan Khan is no less than his superstar dad. Everything about the dashing youngster, his pictures, his lifestyle, the college he is studying in and just about every minute detail about Aryan Khan is enthusiastically searched on Google. But the search engine giant, Google has made a major blunder in getting the age of Shah Rukh Khan’s son. According to Google search results, Aryan Khan is a 36-year-old man! Yes, Aryan is just 15 years younger to his 51-year-old Bollywood actor dad.Also Read - 'Itna Jhooth Teleprompter Bhi Nahi Jhel Paya', Rahul Gandhi Mocks PM Modi Over Davos Speech Glitch

Aryan Khan is first born of Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri. The young lad was born on 13 November 1997 in Mumbai. He is 19-year-old, charming young man who just like his dad is quite a head turner. But if you are googling about Aryan Khan’s age, then you will be in for a shocker. The search results on Google shows, Aryan to be of 36 years old. His birth date is also wrong, stating March 7, 1980. Google shows his nationality to be that of Afghan and the place of birth is Jalalabad, Afghanistan. Major faux pas for Google! Also Read - Project 'Jedi Blue': Google, Meta CEOs Face Lawsuit For Collusion to Dominate Ad Market. Details Here

In the related searches, Google shows the information about Aryan’s sister, 16-year-old Suhana Khan, 3-year-old AbRam and 46-year-old Gauri Khan. Their details are all correct with only Aryan Khan’s bio getting messed up by the Google. Well, not the first time search engine giant has made a mess of search results. While, in the case of Aryan Khan, one can laugh it off at the mistake, but on previous occasions, Google made unacceptable errors. Also Read - Pixel Fold Smartphone Design Revealed In Android 12L Beta 2

Aryan Khan google search result

Internet giants, Google were in a major soup when the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi’s image started appearing for the Google search query ‘Top 10 criminals in India’. Google had to apologise for their ignorance on their part. They issued a statement on the ‘confusion and misunderstanding’ that was caused due to their search results. Well, Google definitely needs to improvise their algorithms further to prevent such unexpected results. As of now, Shah Rukh Khan would be a happy father of a nearing middle-aged man, 36-year-old Aryan Khan.