Beijing, June 13: For the past few days some pretty  women have been spotted commuting by Beijing Metro, while having condoms stuck to their faces, arms and chests. The women have been spotted during peak hours in Metro trains, with pink condoms sticking to their bodies, indicating some sort of a weird trend, which left many bamboozled and utterly perplexed. Many fellow commuters of these pretty ladies, took photographs and captured videos of them sticking the condoms on. Also Read - 'Highly Speculative' to Say Coronavirus Did Not Emerge in China: WHO Expert

So, why are they doing it? Not surprisingly, the weird activity is not a trend (thankfully!), but in fact a PR stunt and the women are models working for China’s leading condom manufacturer dxcondoms. The publicity is for the company’s new product- thin condoms, which the company claims are also good for the skin! According to the company’s claims, the condom has a lubricant, which is therapeutic for the wearer’s skin. While the PR activity left quite a lot of people amused, it also elicited a lot of negative reactions from commuters as well as social media users. ALSO READ: WTF! Mexican man with 19-inch penis claims his social and professional life is destroyed! Also Read - India Deploys MARCOS In Eastern Ladakh, Naval Commandos To Get New Boats Soon

 As soon as the pictures appeared online, they created quite a stir, with many people calling the activity moronic, while others called it a ‘joke’ and even ‘immoral’. ‘It’s a real joke why they wear condoms on their faces instead of genitals,’ read a comment by one of the Facebook users, as reported by the Daily Mail. ‘China changes a lot. In the past their parents would disowned these girls’, read another comment. ‘My question is ….were they passing a kind of message? Cos normally if you put up a show like that its gotta have significant’, said another. Well, good or bad, the stunt did manage to do what it was meant to do, pretty well, and that is, grab people’s attention towards the product! What do you think? Also Read - US Imposes Sanctions on Russian and Chinese Companies For Supporting Iranian Missile Programme