Y Films, the digital arm of Yash Raj Films or YRF has been coming up with great short web series and short stories. The series are targeted at the youth and have socially relevant and yet quirky topics. The latest in the series is Ladies Room which is a web series of 6 episodes based on a place you cannot imagine! The Ladies Room! The Ladies Room has long been the topic of many discussions. What is so mysterious about it? Why do girls always head there to gossip? What exactly do girls do in there that takes them hours on end? The discussions are endless but then, with Y Films series, you might get the answer! Also Read - Indian-American Democratic Congressman supports Trump on troops withdrawal

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Y Films has done a whole lot of short films in the past. They started off with A Man’s World which was their short film with a social message. The current hullaballoo over feminism and female rights was captured perfectly by the series and it even had some star names like Parineeti Chopra as a cast in the episodes. The next to grace us were the really mad but hilariously outrageously funny Bang Baaja baraat which took more than a dig at the big fat Indian wedding. After the crazy series and the wedding of Shahana and Pawan came their really cute and adorable Love Shots which were short love stories that touched us and melted out hearts. Really cute and sweet! Each love shot was different from the other and the mysteries left us guessing. Also Read - India's T20 tri-series to go on despite emergency in Lanka: CK Khanna

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The latest web series are targeted at the modern and crazy women and their lives. Dingo and Khanna are two best friends and have been besties all their lives. They have done everything together and had the craziest of adventures and yet, somehow, the most insane of times they have always seem to be in the ladies loo! Disgusting but hilarious at the same time! According to the description by Y Films – Ladies Room is the raunchiest Y-Films series featuring its wildest leads, Dingo and Khanna. This is a story of two besties and the mental adventures they go through in six different loos over the six-episode series. It is a show about modern young ‘girl bros’ struggling to grow up even as they grow old. These girls are mad, bad and completely unapologetic about it! Dingo and Khanna boldly take you where no man has gone before.

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In the very first episode, we saw the duo on a return journey from Goa where they are smoking pot in the loo and get caught by the police! How they escape or do they, forms the crux of the tale. In episode 2, the duo is in Dingo’s room-mates bathroom where Khanna innocently flushes a glove down the toilet and all hell breaks loose as the flush stops working and there’s dirty toilet water all over the floor! Plus, Khanna realises she’s pregnant! In part 3, they’re in the abortion clinic where there’s a sister Titty to make their life hell, judge Khanna and Khanna’s boss isn’t making matters better by demanding files right then! And now, Episode 4 takes us back to the crazy times where Dingo is trying hard to get a stand-up comedienne to get on stage and in the process, the duo ends up having her drugged water! What happens next?