Y Films Ladies Room episode 5 is finally out and man, Dingo and Khanna rake up a storm! The mad girl duo is back with crazy ideas and their crazy acts. Ladies Room is Y Films latest web series on the lives of Dingo and Khanna, two best friends who somehow have mad, mad adventures, but always in the washroom. But then, what when they’re in the open and there’s no washroom around? Well, we Indians do love our jhaadis! Dingo and Khanna decide to make the most of it, but little do they know what’s in store for them there! The mad-girl duo will leave you in splits with their antics! Also Read - Y-Films Goes to the Dark Side with New Web Series, 'Darr 2.0'

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In this episode, Dingo and Khanna are at a rave party. For once, Khanna’s boss isn’t troubling her but then,. Dingo is not very far from her job woes. She still wants Naima to give her the job and is trying her best to land it. On the other hand, Khanna is still upset over her break-up with Kunal. Surprisingly, Naima shows up at the party with Kunal in tow and Khanna doesn’t know how to react. She’s throwing up in the bushes in excitement and fear when Dingo spots. All of a sudden, they see Kunal and Naima some distance away and the couple too is hiding from the crowd. Shockingly, Khanna spots the duo kissing and is shattered. She wants to confront them but Dingo intervenes and all of a sudden, things go from bad to worse! Also Read - Y Films teaser trailer for their latest web series Darr 2.0 will send chills down your spine!

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The series is full of funny tales and laughs and situations that will only make you go WTF! The series started out in a crazy fun way with Dingo and Khanna’s friendship and has progressed over time. While next Tuesday will be the season finale, we cannot see what the end to the roller-coaster Dingo Khanna tale will be! It sure will be something crazy and exciting! Check out the video here and let us know in comments who you think is crazier – Khanna, Dingo or the situations they find themselves in? Enjoy!