Y Films has been doing some great things on the web off late and their latest is a series of short films. While previously we saw some crazy concepts like the big fat Indian wedding, short love tales and a film on gender equality, the YouTube channel is now targeting a topic that hasn’t really been explored at all – loos! The short film sees two Indian girls – Khanna and Dingo in the journey of their life and how it passes through the most incredible of all places – the women’s loo! From giving users a glimpse into the relatively unknown world to leaving us with tears of laughter, the short web series promises it all! Also Read - Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor come together for a web series!

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We have all always asked that one questions to which we never got the answer – why do girls always go to the loos in groups or pairs? What exactly do they do or discuss in there? And why must all discussions be had only in the loos? What exactly is this secret relationship between a girl and a loo? And why are these two girls on their journey and why do the most interesting events of their life happen only in loos? Dingo and Khanna are best friends and they support each other through everything but unfortunately for them, all the supporting somehow happens only in loos! Ladies and their washroom secrets are about to be spilled!

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From facing period woes to the too much drinking effects to discovering those dreaded pink strips on a pregnancy test and even an adventure on a loo in the Indian train – these two will battle everything out and yes, hopefully survive to tell the tale. According to the description by Y-Films: Y-films’ next series Ladies Room, will boldly go where no man has gone before: the women’s ‘loo’!
The series, is shot entirely in six different ladies’ rooms, it tells the story of two besties, Dingo & Khanna, who somehow always find themselves in the most incredible of situations in the most improbable of spaces, the washroom! Trying to survive one disaster after another in their lives, the six-part series will show Dingo & Khanna struggling to grow up even as they grow old. So take a look at the teaser and wish for May to come soon!