Y Films has been experimenting with quite a few social issues through their web series and in the past, we’ve seen them come up with some quirky, crazy topics. The digital arm of YRF, Y Films has created quite a fan following on YouTube where they share most of their videos and each time, with a new web series they open up a new box of surprises for their viewers. Be it something that touches the heart like love stories or something that is a taboo subject yet essential for us regressive Indians, like that of sex, Y Films has dealt with it all and how! They have truly created some of the most memorable characters and given us amazing web series in the past. Also Read - I've never read a script in my career: Sunny Deol

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This time around, the video creator seems to be looking at something that directly affects the youth and how at times it can completely mess their lives. The age we live in is the digital age – everything we do is online. We’re so attached to our computers that we have created even virtual lives for ourselves! We do everything from sharing photos, videos to our most beautiful moments on social media. Everything you want to know is out there. And we never even think twice before adding people as friends. While some people are cautious and add only the people they know, others just go and add anyone and everyone. But in both cases, the people on your account can see everything you share – and are as intimately aware of your life as you yourself. Also Read - Here's How Katrina Kaif Treated Shah Rukh Khan For Recreating The Iconic Darr Scene For Her (PIC)

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The web series titled Darr 2.0 takes on the increasing rate of cyber stalking and cyber crime in the country. The youth is often harassed by it and unknowingly, there are people who stalk them and keep constant tabs on them. As a simple experiment. Y Films asked people to share their happiest and their sweetest photos with them – and people responded by sending in hundreds of photos without giving a second thought as to what would be done with them! While we constantly look over our shoulder whole walking down an unknown lane, we never think twice about sharing our life with anyone and everyone online! Drawing from the title of their classic movie Darr, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Sunny Deol, the web series is given the same name – but as it is the modern ‘digital’ version, it’s not simply 2 but 2.0!

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The teaser of the video is quite hard hitting and will definitely send shivers down your spine. A great, great concept by Y Films and we honestly cannot wait to see the complete series!