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This one is an absolutely bizarre football video! We have seen Liverpool star Raheem Sterling make the news on the football field for his stellar displays despite being only 19 years old. This time it’s the lesser known Sterling who makes the news. College teams Yale Bulldogs and North Carolina Tar Heels were vying for the coveted trophy in the 2014 Men’s College Championship final.

Scott Sterling kept out all five penalties (at least it appeared that way) as he was made the victim and obviously the entire shootout was a setup. Produced by Studio C, a sketch comedy television show produced by BYUtv, the score at the end of regulation time and what followed was shocking.

All the five penalty takers of North Carolina portrayed their accuracy from 12 yards and dismantled Sterling’s face. That’s not all, the players could have hit the ball anywhere but ensured they hit the bullseye even if Sterling walked out crawled away from his goal. Nobody in real life will be able to stand up and continue and not suffer from concussion.

The most bewildering line from the video for me is “Look at him begging for mercy when its mercy that should be begging for him.”

Nonetheless, find out how the video ends…Which team finally ended up with the trophy and ofcourse what happened to Scott Sterling.