In a shocking medical case which will creep you out, a doctor removed 20 live worms from a 60-year-old Chinese man’s eye. Notably, the elderly man known by the surname Wan, first felt the sensation of a foreign body in his eyes a couple of months ago but didn’t get it treated thinking that condition was caused by tiredness.Also Read - China Building Illegal Villages in Disputed Bhutan Territory, Less Than 30 KM From Doklam: Report

However, when he started experiencing pain, he was admitted to Suzhou Municipal Hospital for a thorough medical examination. What happened next shocked the doctors as they found a cluster of tiny worms stuck under Wan’s right eyelid. Also Read - China Forcing to Cancel Some Flights, Say US Airlines

A procedure was then conducted to remove the worms from the patient’s eyelid. At least 20 white slender roundworms, also known as nematodes, were pulled out from the patient’s eyelid. Also Read - Line 14: World's Longest Metro Line Opens in Shanghai. Photos Inside

The worms are commonly known as parasites living in the conjunctival sac and tear ducts of dogs, cats and other animals. However, Wan said that he doesn’t have any pets at home, but he might have played with animals during his outdoor exercises.

Using this particular case as a warning, the doctor reminded animal owners to be careful of pet hygiene as parasites such as nematodes can be transferred to people. He also advised people experiencing symptoms such as blurred vision or discomfort to seek medical attention.